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Maskam Water sold the first Clarus Fusion On-site Waste Water Treatment Plant in Africa in 2010. Since then we have sold and installed these systems in 9 countries on the African Continent.

The Clarus Fusion has proved to be a reliable, easy to install and easy to operate WWTP. In most installations, the treated effluent is being re-used on site, saving the customer water and saving money.

Water security is no longer a given. We all have to work together to save water where we can. Re-using is one of the most sustainable and most affordable ways of saving. It pays for itself!

We invite you to take the tour with us and see for yourself how easy it is to retrofit with a Clarus Fusion and start saving. An installation like this can be done in only two days….download PDF below

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DEADP Fusion installation TFS  – download PDF below 


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